Join EnCorps

Live theater is a unique experience – the lights, the music, the excited audience rustling their programs waiting to be dazzled. It carries an energy like nothing else. Live theater is also a demanding process. When you enjoy the beauty and excitement of a live performance you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath the surface is a dedicated network of hard working people who make it all happen. Yes, we have our paid staff and cast and crew, but it takes an army of volunteers who generously give of their time to ensure that everyone has a memorable experience. Whether it is ticket takers, greeters, or helping patrons to their seats, we would love to have you as part of our corp.

Our faithful army of volunteers is affectionately called EnCorps! Our current corps of volunteers is 90 strong and we’re always looking for new recruits. As we move forward with new theater and educational events, would you consider joining the EnCorps team? Our next orientation for the 2016-17 season will be held at Temple Theater (Angelina College campus – Lufkin) on Tuesday, August 2nd at 6:00pm. Call Ginger at (936) 633-3220 for more information. Many thanks!

-Ginger Trotter

EnCorps Duties


– Be sure to arrive at the theater at least 60 minutes, but no earlier than 90 minutes, before the scheduled curtain time, unless otherwise specified. Prompt arrival is critical for maintaining our policy of adherence to published show times.
– Inform the House Manager of your arrival and sign in on the EnCorps clipboard. If you are a volunteer from RSVP please sign in on the time card provided.
– Pick up your name badge.
– Attend performance briefing and receive your assignments.
– Be at your assigned station at least 30 minutes before curtain time. The Technical Director will inform the House Manager when the doors may be opened. Do not open the doors before the House Manager gives you the okay – cast members may still be on stage warming up.


Ladies – Long or mid-calf black skirt or pants, long sleeved white dress shirt, black jacket or sweater worn over is acceptable, and comfortable black dress shoes.

Men – Black dress slacks (no black jeans), long sleeve button down white dress shirt with a tie of your choice (red would be great!), black jacket is acceptable, and comfortable black shoes.

Adhering to these dress codes permits the patrons to immediately identify someone who can answer questions and provide assistance. Name badges are available for everyone in the EnCorps. Please wear it to identify yourself to patrons. Nametags are the property of the Arts Alliance and must be returned at the end of the evening.


Two weeks before every show you will receive an electronic post card – if you have an email address, or a phone call reminding you of the show. Please respond by email or phone and let us know if you can attend. We prefer a commitment to attend every show in the season if possible, but understand if you cannot attend a performance.

Thanks for being a part of the EnCorps team – We couldn’t do it without you!